What to Expect

What you should expect when you come to the Belle Plaine Animal Hospital. 

1) A friendly, warm greeting and personal attention to your pet and to you.

2) A complete physical exam and an explanation of what the veterinarian is finding.

3) A holistic approach to your pet's health that takes into account your needs and capabilities as well as the needs of your pet.

4) Ongoing contact and care for your pet.  We find that many of the conditions our pets have today are not solved in one visit.  We welcome your feedback and questions regarding your pet's condition.  Our collaboration in your pet's care is the only way they are going to get better.

5) We encourage you to share any and all symptoms that you are noticing.  They are often very important to our ability to diagnose what is going on with your pet.  We believe that you know your pet better than anyone and that knowledge is integral to our treatment of your pet's condition.

6) We will send you a complete report of your pet's physical exam and recommendations after you have been seen by the veterinarian.  Many people and their pets find the visit to the veterinarian stressful so we always send a complete report of our physical exam findings, and treatment recommendations.  That way you don't have to remember what the veterinarian is saying to you and you have something for future reference.