Energy Healing

We are all energetic beings.

EnergyHealing.jpgWhile living things have always been intuitively attuned to this fact, now science is finding ways to observe and quantify this reality. Electrocardiograms (ECGs), for example, measure the electrical current of energy flowing through the heart, while electroencephalograms (EEGs) measure the electrical impulses in the brain.  The Heart Math Institute does research on the hearts' field and ability to affect other people. Energy Healing techniques make use of several different healing modalities, including Healing Touch and Reiki, to manipulate the energy systems present in the body.  

When Dr. Kelso works with a pet’s energy, she feels for areas that are warmer or colder to direct her toward potentially problematic areas in the body. She then focuses her attention and intention on having the energy flow freely through an area. Sometimes she spends a little time clearing difficult energy out of places where it seems to be 'blocked' or built up. Other times she uses a crystal laser that helps to focus energy and direct it to specific points that help with specific problems.

Some things are best treated by not even touching an animal but by working the energy field away from the body.

Dogs and cats are different in how they respond to energy work. Cats seem to be natural clearers of energy and often don't need too much hands-on work from people. Dogs on the other hand seem to have less ability to clear energy blocks on their own and sometimes seem to need a little more work.

After surgery, Dr. Kelso uses Healing Touch technique to help clear the anesthesia from the animal’s system. She also spends some time clearing the energy blocks caused by the surgery and directing healing energy to the affected area.

You can help clear the anesthesia from your pet by practicing this technique as well. The interesting thing about energy work is how subtle it can be and how it affect so many things. Some animals and people are so sensitive that they can be affected by medications and essential oils by just having the substance in their energy field.