Importance of spaying your pets - pyometra

Meet sweet Gracie, a six year old Chihuahua. Her owner brought her in after the Christmas holidays as she had been sick just shy of a week. Our appointment schedule was full but after hearing her history I felt she needed to be seen immediately. She brought Gracie in right away which was a good thing as she was extremely sick with a pyometra. She had been in heat about 3 weeks before and had a discharge ever since that stopped when she got sick. We checked her white count and it was extremely HIGH – the highest I’ve ever seen. Her uterus was infected and her cervix had closed so the body was absorbing all the infection. She was one sick puppy. We started her on fluids and antibiotics scheduling surgery for the next day. In surgery her uterus, which should have been the size of a pencil, was the size of an Italian sausage and full of pus. After being on fluids again all day I discharged Gracie to her owner at about 8pm so she & Gracie didn’t need to spend another sleepless night apart. The moral of the story is to spay early. Age increases the chance of getting this disease.