Periodontal Disease

We have included some pictures of a dog we did a dental on this month with really bad tartar, gingivitis and periodontal disease. The poor thing was having trouble eating and just didn't feel well. We had to put her on antibiotics for a few days before we could go ahead with the dental work. Once we had her under anesthesia it was very apparent that the tartar had loosened the periodontal ligament on many of the teeth. The teeth were mobile (loose) and they needed to be extracted (pulled). We ended up extracting 27 teeth on this girl. She had antibiotics and lots of pain relief after the surgery. This is one of those situations that could have been prevented with a yearly exam, preventive care and brushing. Even though she has lost lots of teeth, she will be much more comfortable than she had been and she will still be able to eat hard food! — at Le Sueur Veterinary Clinic and Belle Plaine Animal Hospital