We pride ourselves on the wide range of quality services we provide at the Belle Plaine Animal Hospital. We offer traditional Western medicine options, administered by our team of trained and certified veterinary health care professionals. Among these services are:

Primary Pet Care, including routine check-ups, physical exams, senior wellness screenings, vaccines, parasite prevention, flea and tick prevention, micro-chipping, pharmacy, and exotic pet care. 

Diagnostics & Radiology, including diagnostic laboratory tests, blood tests, fecal samples, and x-rays. 

Anesthesia & Pain, including pain management and euthanasia options. 

Surgery & Laser, including spays and neuters, ACL surgery, and feline declaw surgery. 

Dentistry, including dental cleaning, dental surgery, and instructions for home care. 

Grooming, including nail trim, ear cleaning, hair cut, and blow dry. 

We also offer a Holistic options in addition to our traditional medicine. Dr. Ricci has been studying Holistic veterinary medicine for several years and finds it can make a good alternative or complement to other methods. Our Holistic services include:

Herbs, for diabetes, arthritis, skin ailments, and cancer.

Body Work, including myofascial release, acupressure, and massage.

Nutrition, for animals prone to urinary tract infections, allergies, and arthritis.

Energy Healing, for healing wounds from surgery and clearing anesthesia from the body.

Essential Oils, for healing wounds, calming the nervous system, and relieving inflammation or anxiety.

Laser Acupuncture, for treating musculoskeletal problems and relieving pain. 

Therapy Laser, for relieving pain and stimulating healing.